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Weather in Kyrgyzstan


        Continental, dry. Because of the strong ruggedness of the terrain on the territory of Kyrgyzstan climatic conditions are quite heterogeneous in the highland areas of Tien Shan the weather has all the characteristics of sub-polar climate, in the South-Western regions (Ferghana valley) - sub-tropical, and in the Northern foothills the climate is almost temperate. A characteristic feature is the dryness of the air over the entire territory of the country, so here an average of 247 Sunny days a year.

Average temperature ranges from -1 C to -8 C in the valleys, and to-18-27 C in the highlands. The coldest month is January, when cold air masses come from the Siberian region, Mongolia and Kazakhstan, whose influence is exacerbated by runoff winds from the surrounding mountains. In summer (July) in valleys from +15 C to +27 C, in foothills from +10 C to +24 C, and in high-mountain areas to +5-11 C. moreover, unlike the winter period, hot air masses from the territory of North-Western and Western regions of Central Asia almost do not penetrate into the intermountain basins of Kyrgyzstan. However, the southern slopes are heated quite strongly. The air temperature on the Issyk-Kul coast is less contrast and moderate all year round (in winter about +2 C, in summer - +18-22 C).

Annual rainfall ranges from 180 mm in the East to 600 mm in the South-Western regions. The maximum amount of precipitation falls in early summer and in autumn and winter. And by the middle of winter, the thickness of snow cover on the Western slopes of the mountains can reach up to 1 meter, and in the highlands snow lies all year round.