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Facts about Uzbekistan

                                                      20 interesting facts about Uzbekistan

1. Uzbekistan is the only country in the world whose names of all neighbors end in "stan"

2. Just like Liechtenstein, Uzbekistan is a country whose neighbors have no access to the ocean.

3. Tashkent is the only metropolis in the world where almost all public transport consists of Mercedes-Benz buses.

4. Tashkent is one of the few cities where you can see the starry sky at night.

5. The most delicious melons in the world grow in Uzbekistan. Mirzachul melons have a unique taste and aroma.

6. All fruits in Uzbekistan are environmentally friendly and have no impurities. Therefore, vegetables and fruits in Uzbekistan retain their natural flavor.

7. Uzbekistan is the birthplace of television. It was here, on July 26, 1928, that an image of moving objects in the distance was transmitted by radio.

8. Tashkent TV tower - the highest tower in Central Asia. And in terms of height in the world, it ranks 11th.

9. The oldest city of Uzbekistan, Samarkand is the same age as Rome.

10. Uzbekistan for 2/3 consists of plains, the rest is mountainous.

11. In terms of gold reserves, Uzbekistan ranks 4th in the world.

12. Uzbekistan is the third country in the CIS, in terms of population.

13. Uzbeks are the third largest Turkic-speaking people in the world.

14. There are three free industrial economic zones in Uzbekistan: Navoi, Jizzakh and Angren

15. Every year, Uzbekistan is visited by 1.5 million tourists.

16. The oldest bazaar in Tashkent, operating from the 8th century to the present day, is the Chorsu bazaar.

17. The pinnacle of Uzbek cuisine is pilaf, included in the UNESCO Intangible Heritage List. In Uzbekistan, there are hundreds of recipes for the cult dish, the Central Asian Pilaf Center operates in Tashkent, and canned pilaf is sold in supermarkets, which you can take with you as a souvenir.

18. In 2017, Uzbekistan Airways won first place among the CIS air carriers in the nomination “Best In-Flight Catering”. Even in economy class, passengers are offered plov, manti, samsa and red wine.

19. In the cities of Uzbekistan, a cheap taxi. You can also agree on a couple of thousand soums (at an unofficial rate, this is about $0.5).

20. The best time to travel to Uzbekistan is from mid-August to October. It is at this time that fruits ripen, and their prices are very low. Until the beginning of August, there is unbearable heat here.