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Village of Kul

       Historically, people have always tried to choose comfortable places with favorable1600341511.png conditions, in fertile valleys, along the banks and rivers. But sometimes they settled in such remote places that it was difficult to work and survive. For example, high in the mountains.

        In Uzbekistan there is a small, but very rich, rich in history, the village of Kul, which means Lake, in the highlands of the Kitab region, Kashkadarya region at an altitude of 3300 meters above sea level. From here a magnificent view opens from which will take your breath away. This place is already more than 5000 years old and for these millennia this village is the fourth in a row. A lake surrounded by mountains that reflected in incredibly blue, transparent water. Here you understand and realize that such places on earth are really gifts from the gods. The landscapes of the forests and the beauty of this lake simply fascinated people who, no matter what, arranged their homes and gave themselves completely to nature in order to feel its breath. Over the centuries, the lake has disappeared, but the jewels of this place are mountains and people who keep the whole history, traditions, customs to this day. Here you can truly feel like a part of nature and even get lost in reality. One day in such a place adds years of life, filling with natural strength and energy.1600419660.png
At the moment, 1,500 residents and 300 families live here. This is a very small settlement that has preserved all the traditions, culture, customs and way of life. People who live here are very religious, so they do not sell alcohol and cigarettes in the village, which is considered Haram (sin). The village has 1 medical center, 3 schools, 3 shops, 2 mosques. But here are very warm and hospitable people that always want to come back here, where you will be greeted with great warmth. 

   1600424546.png      In the vicinity of the village there is practically no flat land, so the people cultivated the potato and wheat fields on steep slopes have to work manually or with oxen or donkeys. They also grow fruit orchards, which are also located on the slopes of the mountains. Oh, and what juicy, sweet apples are here, biting off the fruit, the juice flows out of it like from a glass. One of the attractions of Kul is the Afrasiab cave. You can go to it along a narrow path running up.  We invite You to visit this beautiful area in the pit surrounded by mountains, where there is beauty that radiates from nature, people and their simple way of life.