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CONTRACT – _____/_____

Uzbekistan, Tashkent                         _________________

Sun Travel Group LLC (UZB), in the person of Director Sanobar Sultanova, hereinafter called the “Company” on the one part, and «_____________________________________», a company duly incorporated under the laws of the country of residence, in the person of General Director ____________________________, hereinafter referred to as the   «Agency», on the other part, have concluded the present Agreement on the following:

1. Subject and general conditions of the Contract

1.1.The subject of the contract is a travel service organization at the sphere of the international tourism. Hereby the Company provides the Agency with a complex of ordered travel services as follows: accommodation at hotels, transfer & excursions, guides – interpreters & other services supplied according to the aims of trips in the country of stay.

1.2.Under tourist service for integer persisting Agreement are understood following facilities:

Accommodation, transfers, meals for tourists,

Visa support,


Guides-translators services,

Other facilities provided to by “Company” depending of the tourist trip aims.

1.3. The list of the services, cost and other essential conditions of the rendering the tourist services by Company are agreed apart on base of the invoices, reservations and confirmations.

1.4. The total amount of the present contract is 50 000 (Fifty thousand) US dollars.


2. Rights and Duties of the Agency

2.1. The Agency is obliged to inform tourists about all essential conditions of rendering tourist services, about requirements of consular, custom and immigration services, also to acquaint tourists with catalogues and other information materials regarding their trip, consumer characteristics of the journey, program of staying and route of trip, about safety regulations, about rules of entry to a country of temporary staying and other information.

2.2. The Agency is obliged to transfer money to the Company equaled to amount & conditions figured at the corresponding parts of the contract.

2.3. The Agency develops the product prepared by the Company.  The activity of the Agency to develop the tourist services to reach the aims of the contract means the following:

- Advertisement of the Company travel services at mass media of the country.

- Participation at special travel exhibitions & fairs,

- Issue of catalogues, brochures & other prints,

-Another advertisement allowed by the country of residence.

3.Obligations of the Company

3.1. The Company is obliged to provide tourist services reserved to tourists, referred by Agency.

3.2. The Company gives to the Agency truthful and reliable information of a product quality, hotel categories, and service level in hotels.

3.3. The Company provides the Agency with all necessary advertising brochures for getting full information about a trip.

3.4. The Company has the right to change a confirmed hotel to another hotel of the same or better category with the same facilities for tourists. All changes should be agreed with the Agency in a preliminary written form.

4. Terms of payment

4.1. Prices for the provided travel services are set in the American dollars and indicated in the corresponding Appendixes to the contract or in invoices sent to the Agency by the Company.

4.2. The Agency makes a payment of the service provided be the Company in accordance to an invoice sent by fax or email. The payment should be done at least 7 working days before the services are providedBefore the full payment prepayment is permitted due to the terms indicated at the referred invoices if point 4.4. of the Agreement is fulfilled

4.3 The provided services are to be being paid by bank transfer at the Company account. All expenses for the bank transfer are on the Agency.

4.4. In case of paid services failure the Company is obliged to repay the amount at the Agency account ninety days later the date of writing off the money from the Agency account.

5.  Responsibility of the parties

5.1. In case of improper fulfillment or breaking of the contract terms the guilty party is to compensate the losses to the other party & to pay forfeit of 100% of amount of order  in accordance to the conditions of the contract.

5.2. The breaking or improper fulfillment of liabilities by the Agency means the following points:

5.2.1. Not full or an inopportune payment of Agency of the booked services;

5.2.2.a trip cancellation or other actions pointing out the Agency rejection the booked services with violation of terms & order of trip cancellation.

5.2.3. Company violation of the obligations pointed out in point 3.1, and point of the contract.

5.3. By the action indicated at point 5.2.1. and point 5.2.2. the Agency pays the Company forfeit at amount 1% from the cost of corresponding travel services for each day of delay.

By the action indicated at point 5.2.2. and point 5.2.4. the Agency pays the Company forfeit according to the costs of the corresponding tourist services per each day of delay.

5.4. The forfeit payment indicated at point 5.3. are to be made only with existence of a written claim in accordance to point 7.6. of the contract.

6. Force Majored

6.1. The parties are released from responsibility for partial or complete non-fulfillment of the liabilities under the present agreement if this non-fulfillment was caused by circumstances of Force Majored which are declared in acting legislation of countries of participators of this agreement.

 In this case target dates of fulfillment of engagements, mentioned in present agreement must be postponed till the end of Force major circumstances.

6.2.  Force Majeure circumstances appears in spite of will of parties and which are unavoidable such as natural disasters, fire, explosions, earthquake, social disturbance, flood, military actions, strikes, decisions of the Government.

6.3. The Certificates issued by the relevant authority will be sufficient proof of the existence of the above-indicated circumstances.   

7. Special Conditions

7.1. The present contract comes into force after both parties have signed it. The present contract is considered to be prolonged for a next year if both parties do not express a desire to cancel it.

7.2. The persisting contract can be abrogated in unilateral way before expiration and notification should be done within 30 days before target date. In this case statement of interline accounting must be finalized.

7.3. Additions and corrections to persisting agreement must be composed as Additional agreement and signed by official representatives of both parties. In case of any contradictions between persisting contract and additional agreement all terms of additional agreement will be considered as correct. 

7.4. Parties agreed that orders, confirmations, notifications and other information received by fax, е-mail, telex and telegraph will be considered as appropriate until receiving of original.

7.5. All disputes and misunderstandings, which may arise from improper execution or non-execution of the present Contract or in connection with the same Contract, are to be considered by agreement with both Parties. If the Parties do not come to such an agreement the disputes are to be referred to Arbitration Court, where the responsible Party has its principal place of business. The decisions of the said Arbitration Court are final and binding for both Parties.

7.6. All disputes and disagreements, which are arising during conclusion, fulfillment, and abrogating of persisting contract can be adjudicated by raising claims in writing.  The claim should be considerate within 7 working days, from the date of its receipt.

7.7. This Contract to be governed by the law of the defendant country.

7.8. This Agreement is formed on 4 sheets in duplicate, having alike legal power, on one for each of parties.

7.9. The present contract fulfilled in two languages – Russian & English, in case of wrong translation the Russian language is preferable.