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Kyrgyz Cuisine

        The cuisine of Kyrgyzstan still retains a national identity. Of course, the food has become much more diverse, and in the diet of the Kyrgyz, a lot of new products: eggs, poultry, sweets, sugar, honey, fruit, potatoes, etc., but many dishes are still prepared in the same way as hundreds of years ago.

Basically, the Kyrgyz cuisine is characterized by flour, dairy and meat dishes. Kyrgyz prefer poultry, beef, lamb, horse meat and meat of wild horned animals. Meat is usually cooked.

The favorite dish of the Kyrgyz is beshbarmak. It is cut into small pieces and cooked meat of young sheep, poured broth and mixed with rectangular noodles. Also quite popular dish kulchetay-boiled large pieces of lamb, sliced thin wide slices, which are served with thin square pieces of boiled dough. Special meat delicacy of Kyrgyz cuisine-Chu-Chuk, sausage with fat, made of horse meat. Also for the Kyrgyz cuisine is characterized by dishes in which meat is combined with the dough – cakes hasnan, garside and many well-known Russian samosa.

Recently, more and more spread and other meat dishes, which the Kyrgyz borrowed from other Nations:

Shurpa is a meat soup with onions and potatoes;
Zharkop-potatoes, fried with meat;
Steamed stuffed dumplings;
And many other dishes.
When preparing dishes, the Kyrgyz often use vegetables: carrots, cabbage, cucumbers, tomatoes and, of course, onions. In the southern part of the country, a popular pumpkin-it is eaten with meat, added to dumplings and soup, as well as prepare independent dishes from it.

In Kyrgyzstan, many dishes are prepared from milk. Among them sour cheese kurut, which is eaten dry or diluted with warm water, curd, fresh cheese and boiled pislak cream kaymak.

Quite a large place in the national cuisine of Kyrgyzstan is occupied by flour products:

  • Cosmo tokoch – cookies, similar to our "brushwood»;
  • Beetle-puff cakes that are eaten with cottage cheese and butter, dipped in hot milk;
  • Kattama-layered cakes with cream;
  • Pancakes;
  • Bread, fried in oil;
  • Boorsoks – pieces of the rolled dough, fried in much oil.


The most popular non-alcoholic drink of the Kyrgyz is tea. In summer, they mostly drink Coca tea-green tea. In some areas, lightly salted fresh milk is added to the tea. In Kyrgyzstan, there is a special kind of tea – atkanchai, prepared with salt, sour cream, butter and milk.

The national drink of Kyrgyzstan is kumis. It is made from horse milk, which is taken from the Mare at a certain time. Kumys is low-alcohol, it quenches thirst and has certain medicinal properties. Ayran is quite popular-a little diluted fermented cow's milk, which looks like liquid yogurt.

In addition to the usual for us alcoholic beverages, produced both in the country and abroad, Kyrgyzstan has its own alcoholic beverages – similar to beer from millet and barley "bozo" and "dzarma".