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Rest in Almaty, economy package (5 days)

GAU summer school from Uzbekistan

Located just five minutes walk from the Mediterranean Sea, with its own private beach club, GAU offers students a wide variety of English courses and other programs this summer.
Our international summer school students can take full advantage of the Mediterranean climate in an island renowned for its historical and cultural heritage and natural beauty, as well as the warmth and hospitality of its people.
The International Flight School, unique in terms of the number of students and the volume of courses, will be held this year for the tenth time. The International Summer School provides both specialized and general English courses for various age groups and language levels.
The GAU Multicultural Summer School is the busiest and most visited event in Cyprus that lasts all summer long! Last Summer over 2000 students from all over the world visited American University as part of the Summer School. The American University in Girne has all the necessary infrastructure to ensure a comfortable stay for students, and the university's own beach - Camelot Beach Club is one of the best beaches on the coast.

The International Summer School welcomes students of all ages as:

During the course of classes, students will learn the basics of English grammar through conversation, replenish vocabulary, and also learn to write and read in English. The training program includes both direct English classes and courses in dance, swimming, yoga, fitness, as well as games in English, relaxing on the beach and getting to know Northern Cyprus. Classes are conducted by qualified teachers, native English speakers and take place on the territory of the university in specially equipped classrooms. The school provides an opportunity to use an extensive English library.

Students are placed into groups based on their language proficiency based on initial testing. At the end of the course, testing is carried out and a certificate is issued.

Summer school dates : JUNE 15th TO SEPTEMBER 1st . days of arrivals for the summer school: every TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY.

The prices for the program are shown below: 
2 weeks - 860 USD 
3 weeks - 1050 USD 
4 weeks - 1300 USD

-English language course (20 hours per week)English Speaking Club with native speakers
-Internationally accredited certificateAdditional courses (dance, music, yoga, swimming and more)
-Excursions to the three tourist cities of Northern Cyprus (Kyrenia, Nicosia, Famagusta)
-Entertainment activities (Welcome party, karaoke, bowling, cinema, beach parties, pool parties)
-Accommodation (comfortable private hostels)
-3 meals a day
-Transfer to and from the airport
-Internal transport
-Local sim card24/7 Assistance and Security.


1) Testing. 
On the first day, compulsory testing is carried out for the level of English proficiency. Based on the results of the test, multinational groups of three levels are formed: initial (Beginners), basic (elementary), below average (pre-intermediate), average (Intermediate), above average (Upper-intermediate) and advanced (Advanced) upon request. The study of English is given in a very diverse way based on the most modern teaching methods. 20 hours a week of English classes in the classroom are complemented by leisure activities.

General English courses
-English from scratch
-English for teenagers
- Spoken English
-English for kids


Mandatory foreign scientific internships for master's and bachelor's students
The goal of the General English program is the formation and development of colloquial
skills and extensive practice of applying the acquired knowledge and skills in oral and
written speech.
Upon completion of the training, you will be able to speak at ease (without a barrier) in
English, as well as read and write using basic grammar structures (in accordance with international requirements for your level of study). 

 2) Teachers.
Teachers at the summer English camp have extensive practical experience in teaching English to international students of all age groups. Most of them are native speakers with extensive teaching experience in Cyprus, the UK and several other countries.

All teachers have not only the necessary qualifications, but also communication skills, sensitivity, understanding and respect for the cultural characteristics of all countries.

In the learning process, great importance is attached to the development of the student's abilities, increasing confidence in the daily use of the English language.

At the end of the course, all students are tested to determine their progress in learning English and they are issued a certificate of completion of the course.

3) Accommodation on the campus. 
It is not by chance that we offer accommodation for students on the University campus. The ideal location near educational buildings, sports facilities, the presence of a cafe contribute to the rational use of time for training, without wasting it on the road in an unfamiliar area. Neighborhood with other students from different countries allows you to make friends around the world and apply English in everyday situations. The division of the premises into women's and men's Adult Teenage and Children's half allows you to provide full-fledged conditions for study and recreation.

Leisure organization 
Summer English camp is not only learning the language, but also a lot of sporting events. The university provides the opportunity to swim both in fresh water pools and in the sea on its private Camelot beach. Students and teachers are taken to the beach by bus. All activities in the afternoon and evening, including the excursion program, are included in the tuition fee.

Summer activities for program participants:
The activities of the summer school are under the intensive control of our assistants, who
strictly adhere to safety rules. Private beach at the university recreation complex
(GAU Camelot Club) is one of the best beaches not only in Kyrenia, but in the entire North
Cyprus. The beach complex is equipped with excellent infrastructure, wi-fi, its own school, restaurant, cocktail bar and cafe.
Activities during the study period: 
- Welcome buffet 
- Beach 
- Swimming pool 
- Sports activities 
- Film screenings 
- Dance lessons 
- Tours of historical sites, sightseeing 
- Bowling, Karaoke 
- Turkish language 
- Discos 
- Swimming lessons

Any activity, no matter how many people it takes place strictly with the participation of assistants.

Evening activities. 

Learning English in a relaxed atmosphere is always only beneficial, so the camp organizes:
-dance parties
 -sports tournaments 
-international parties 
-talent shows 
-evening tours of the sights of the city 
-movie night 
-pool parties 

Extra charge: 
-water sports 
-banana ride, jet ski 
-aqua park 
-night boat trips
-cruise on a yacht


Students are provided with three meals a day at the university restaurant. For breakfast, a hot international breakfast (Swedish table) is served (fried eggs, hard-boiled eggs, jams, cheeses, milk, sausages, sausage, tomato, cucumbers, fruits, bread, olives, tea, and much more. There are always two hot options to choose from. lunch and dinner, (meat, fish, mashed potatoes, soups, chicken, meatballs, and much more) salad bar, fresh bread, fruit and dessert.

 In Northern Cyprus, the crime rate is recognized as NON-EXISTENT. But the summer camp still takes additional security measures, because the University is responsible for the children entrusted to it.

Flight and transfer:
You can get to Northern Cyprus by flying to Ercan Airport
Ercan airports are 30 minutes drive to the university campus. The International Summer School provides free transfer services only from / to Ercan Airport.
Our assistants with the GAU Multicultural Summer School logo will meet all participants at the exit from the terminal.

The meeting of the participants of the summer school at Ercan Airport is free of charge. We will also help arrange transfers from/to Larnaca Airport, provided there are at least 6 participants. All trips planned in the school program are carried out in comfortable air-conditioned buses and comfortable chairs.

-In case of extending your stay in the summer school, the cost of each day's accommodation will be - 50 dollars

For registration :

For information and registration for the summer school, you can contact us:
Representative in Tashkent
Tashkent, st. Abdulla Kadyriy, house 38
C5, near the head office of Ipak Yuli Bank
Whatsapp/Telegram : +998909032211