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Cuisine Of Kazakhstan

Features of Kazakh cuisine


        The peculiarity of the Kazakh cuisine is that it widely uses milk, meat and flour products for cooking. In summer, traditionally prepared ayran-diluted with water sour milk. It is used as a soft drink in the heat, as well as it is seasoned with cereal soup. It is used to make cottage cheese, which is rolled into balls and dried in the sun, the so-called Kurt. Also make and crumbly fat cottage cheese-irimshik. 

In strong teas residents of Kazakhstan add cream or milk, and especially favorite drink is Mare's milk, fermented in a special way. From camel milk in the same way made shubat. 

In winter, the Kazakh national cuisine uses meat widely. Kazakhs prefer mutton, but other meat is also used to prepare delicious and nutritious food, whether it is poultry, beef, goat or horse meat. 

      A common dish of meat is considered beshbarmak-lamb, which is boiled in broth. Even put pieces of rolled dough. The translation into Russian language beshbarmak translated as"five fingers". The name of the dish was for the reason that it is usually eaten by hand. Beshbarmak on a large dish is placed in the middle of the table. The meat is served with the bones, which are cut and distributed to the guests. Washed down beshbarmak strong broth, which is called "sorpa". Sorpa is served in a large bowl. 

For a Banquet or during a holiday ("Toya") meat is made to be cut in a special way. The carcass of a sheep parts without cutting at the joints, the bones on parts: the upper part of a hind leg – the less we know, the middle part of the foot - ortan-zhilik, part of the renal pelvis to the first vertebra with a rib Bel Murda or Belle deme, 5, 6, 7 and 8th rib brisket from kidney – kabyrga, and others. There are twenty-two such parts. 

On special order or for a Banquet served lamb head. Serve it on a separate dish. The method of its preparation is as follows: first, the RAM's head is thoroughly singed over hot coals. This is done with care, so as not to burn the skin. After that, remove the horns, the skin is washed and thoroughly cleaned. Then it is cut into two parts-the lower and upper jaw. Teeth are removed, punctures are made in the cheeks. Then the head is cooked over low heat for 3-4 hours. And in order for the skin to not break during cooking, you need to wrap it in a towel. 

The right to carve a sheep's head belongs to the most honored guest. He cuts off ears and gives them to young men. And young girls get the sky. After that, cut off pieces of meat, which are distributed to all who are at the meal, after which the head goes from one guest to another. 

      Also a popular dish in Kazakhstan is a roast of light, liver and meat with potatoes. Bader kuiryk is prepared from thin slices of liver, which is boiled with fat bacon. The dish is a cold snack. 

From flour make baursaks. Sour or fresh dough is cut into pieces, fried in fat. It is used for baking flatbreads. 

Sometimes in Kazakhstan, especially in older homes, original furnace, called a tandoor. They bake delicious cakes. And Soames is also bread, fresh meat in the form of a triangle. 

More than a hundred nationalities live in Kazakhstan. Each of them has their own favorite dishes. But there are also national Kazakh dishes-pilaf, manta (large dumplings, steamed), Dungan noodles. Such dishes are prepared everywhere in the restaurant, dining room, tea room. 

The cuisine of Kazakhstan has modified many dishes taking into account new culinary and technological requirements, preserving only specific features in the preparation of national dishes. But for cooking and serving dishes, national dishes and equipment are still used. Manta rays are steamed in a cascade – in large metal or wooden bars. Soups are served in KES – large porcelain cups without handles. Tea is served in a bowl, etc.  

Also it is necessary to mention such popular national dishes as sausages. This is Kazi, map, Suzuki. They are made of horse meat in smoked and boiled smoked form.