Uzbekistan, Tashkent, Yakkasaray district, Usman Nasir street 53
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"Chorsu Bazaar"

Bazaar Chorsu is one of the largest bazaars of Uzbekistan and Central Asia, located in the old part of Tashkent called "Eski Shahar", on Navoi Street. The Chorsu bazaar was known in the Middle Ages and was of great importance on the road of the Great Silk Road.

In the central part of the ceiling of the bazaar, covered with ornamentation, is a monumental dome structure with a diameter of about 300-350 meters - a winter three-tier building of the bazaar with an elevator system. On the lower tier there are cellar corridors with numerous auxiliary rooms. On the middle and upper floors there are counters with the goods. Trade rows in the market are divided according to the types of goods sold: vegetables, fruits, nuts, oriental sweets, spices, cereals. For clothes and household accessories separate pavilions are allocated.