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Uzbekistan will develop business tourism for the first time: it is planned to borrow the experience of Germany and the UAE

Uzbekistan will develop business tourism for the first time: it is planned to borrow the experience of Germany and the UAE
Uzbekistan will develop business tourism for the first time: it is planned to borrow the experience of Germany and the UAE

Business tourism is a very important and specific branch of tourism business. From other types of tourism, business, differs, first of all, its monetary component of the question: after all, how well the trip, very often depends on the possibility of obtaining multi-million profit of the country. In Uzbekistan, business tourism is underdeveloped, but has great potential.

According to experts, the business tourism market of Uzbekistan is characterized by active, but at the same time spontaneous development. At the same time, the lack of reliable statistical information makes it impossible to analyze the leading markets of business tourism in Uzbekistan. 

However, the document notes that even the available information, which is available today, allows us to draw a conclusion about the significant potential of the business tourism market in our country. The greatest development of this industry has reached in Tashkent and Samarkand, which is explained, firstly, by the presence of the necessary infrastructure for the activities on business tourism, and secondly-transport accessibility. It is also important that these regions have great financial opportunities to maintain and develop this type of tourism. 

Experts emphasize that to use the potential of business tourism in Uzbekistan, it is necessary to create appropriate infrastructure, effective state support, reliable statistical information, training of professional personnel, as well as the formation of a favorable image of the country. 

Among the main proposed measures are the development of the necessary legislative framework, as well as the creation of vital business infrastructure of cities. These are five-star hotels, modern business centers, cutting-edge telecommunications, information services, special management within the state tourism Agency for the promotion and management of incentive tourism, the creation and promotion of travel companies that are engaged in the organization of incentive and business tours. 

The document offers Uzbekistan to use the experience of leading foreign countries in this direction, and in particular, the UAE and Germany. Today, the United Arab Emirates is like a big office: trade, business meetings and exhibitions in this country are constantly changing one another. In Dubai alone there are more than 500 hotels and apartments, and the increase in the number of hotel rooms is from 5 to 10% annually. New exhibition and business centers are opening in the region, about 30% of visitors come here for work.

     The free economic zones Jebel Ali Free Zone and Dubai Airport Free Zone attract business people and are formed here. In the last year of the last Millennium, the creation of a new free zone – Dubai Technology & Media Free Zone. The aim of the project is to attract new modern technologies in the field of communications, production of various video and audio equipment to the Emirate. 

Germany is considered the world capital of international exhibitions and fairs. On average, 150 international and inter-regional exhibitions and fairs are held in Germany every year, accounting for almost two-thirds of the total number of those organized in Europe. Among them are five of the ten largest in the world in terms of turnover of fairs. 

Exhibitors and visitors, the number of which reaches 10 million, annually spend about 10 billion euros for participation in fairs, and the total national economic effect of their holding is approaching 25 billion euros. Almost 50% of exhibitors and about 20% of visitors come from abroad. There are more than 11 thousand sites for MICE events in the country-hotels, Congress centers, universities, airports, monasteries, castles, museums and theme parks. Exhibition and Congress activities provide about 250 thousand jobs.