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Rest in Almaty, economy package (5 days)
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Rest in Almaty, economy package (5 days)

Tour to Kazakhstan (Kolsai Lakes)

Travel program 


Day 1. Almaty - Kolsai Lakes

 Departure from Almaty at 07:00. Arrival to the Kolsai lakes approx. 12:00 hours. Dinner. Transfer to the lake Kaindy. Excursion.

Lake Kaindy (Beryozovoe) is located among the magnificent coniferous forest at an altitude of 2000 m above sea level and is famous for its origin. It was formed in 1911 as a result of a strong earthquake, which caused a landslide, which blocked the gorge by a natural dam, and the water flooded it. The water in the lake is very cold, why the needles of the trees are well preserved and can be clearly seen through the transparent surface of the water, and the dry trunks of the flooded firs tower above the water surface, like the masts of an underwater squadron. All this mystical splendor of the lake can not be expressed in words, there it is necessary to visit and see everything with your own eyes

Return to the Kolsai lakes, accommodation in a guest house in the village. Sata. Dinner and rest.


Day 2. The Kolsai Lakes


Rise at 07:00 h, breakfast. Walking tour from Lake Kolsai-1 to Lake Kolsai-2. Lunch on the way.

Kolsai Lakes - "Pearls of the Northern Tien Shan" - represent a cascade of three lakes. The largest and most accessible for tourists - the most beautiful, is characterized by a lack of civilization and an abundance of mushrooms, and lovers of horseback riding can book a horse route here. Upper - small, located on the border of spruce and alpine meadows, admires its harsh highland beauty, as well as a rich flora and fauna. The difference in altitude between the three Kolsai lakes averages about 700 meters. The lower Kolsai Lake can be reached by car. But to see the second and third Kolsay lakes, you will have to walk a few kilometers on foot along mountain trails. Undoubtedly in these places tourists have a great rest - berries, mushrooms, fishing. The water in the lakes is cold and clean. There is a rainbow trout - a fish that lives only in flowing or spring water. In the mountains there are marals, mountain goats, wolves and even bears.

Return to the guest house. Dinner and rest.


Day 3. Kolsai Lakes - Almaty


Breakfast. Departure to Almaty at 09:00. On the way visit the Charyn canyon. Excursion in the "Valley of Castles"

Charyn Canyon is a natural natural complex, unique in its kind not only in Kazakhstan, but all over the world. It was formed during the Paleogene era and resembles the Grand Canyon of Colorado in North America, although it is inferior to it in size. The height of the steep slopes of the canyon reaches 150-300 m. It is struck by the extreme dismemberment of the relief: numerous beams and ravines form a dense, disorderly network. Wind and water have created here the most beautiful "Valley of Castles", where you are surrounded all the time by towers of bizarre form, composed of sedimentary rocks. The length of the valley is more than 2 km, width - 20-80 m. For millions of years nature has created a unique architecture, diligently and slowly built majestic castles. You can wander for hours on the outlandish towers and pillars, marveling at the wild fantasy of nature.

Arrival in Almaty at 19:00 hours.


The cost of the program: 706 USD per person, with a group size of 2 people

For group applications, discounts are given


The cost of the program is INCLUDED:

1. Moving along the program on a comfortable minibus
2. Accommodation in a guest house in the village. Sata
3. Guide and excursion services according to the program
4. Environmental fees on the route
5. Meals: lunch and dinner on Day 1; breakfast, lunch and dinner on Day 2; breakfast and lunch on Day 3
6. Drinking water 1L per person per day


The cost of the program is NOT INCLUDED:

1. Accommodation in Almaty, if required
2. Meals not indicated in the program and / or not included in the cost of the program
3. Surcharge for single accommodation in a guest house (61 USD)
4. Visa support and registration on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, if required
5. Personal expenses and other expenses not indicated in the program



In the event of currency fluctuations or changes in local government taxes, as well as changes in the cost of fuel, air tickets, we reserve the right to change the value. The firm reserves the right to change the time and sequence of excursions without changing the whole program of the tour. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.

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